Balls, Beads and Bullets

As sex toys go, there is a WIDE range but some are easier to categorize more than others. Some, by shape, some by size, most by function but right now, I’m more about them triple Bs; balls, beads and bullets.

Anal beads: a short  string of beads really. They vary in size, shape, color, etc depending on what you are looking for. If you have never experienced anal play, but are curious and want to experiment, then anal beads are a great place to start. Anal beads allow you to indulge in anal play on a very basic level, but also give you the option to step it up when you are ready for more. If you have already indulged in anal play and are looking for a toy to bring some fun into your sex life, try the double penetration anal beads. Continue reading


VDay: Love, Sex and then some…

I love Valentine’s Day, all the love in the air and what not and all that sex being had simultaneously across the globe. But does this translate to it being for couples and lovers only? I think not! If you’re a single pringle, two words for you: SELF LOVE! Send yourself presents, treat yourself to dinner if you want. Connect with thine self and revel in your sexuality and sensuality.  I’m certain some VDay plans have been made for this weekend with it falling on a Tuesday, so here are a few tips for the weekend…

Get you an oral sex stimulator; you don’t need to have another person present to reach climax. Lying in bed or soaking in a tub; cum over and over, no tired mouths or sloppy tongue action. Continue reading