Passionate Vengeance

I sit as though glued to the spot, as I read the messages that pop on my Mac screen in quick succession.

MY man is sexting!!!

No, this isn’t sexting, this is… OMG! More messages are coming in and I look on, unable to tear my gaze away, each one more detailed than the last. It’s like it’s someone else texting with his phone; the things he is describing, the things he wants to do and be done to him. He never wants to be adventurous with me but he has this whole other persona with this woman, Lola, he clearly enjoys being with.

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Glory Hole Chronicles II

She is anxious and alone, in a room with no windows and only one door. She has no idea why she is even here. She would never have imagined herself here with the sight, sound and smell of sex all around. She had no idea places like this even existed.  At first she didn’t want to look. She kept her head down and her eyes to herself but curiosity soon got the better of her. As she sits and waits, a million thoughts go through her head. She tries to think of a way out, of somehow pretending, and just walking out with a smile on her face.

Until she sees it slide slowly through the hole; veins bulging along its entire length, so hard it seems to throb, so big, so thick. She stares, unable to move. None of her earlier thoughts matter now, just this beautiful dick before her. Continue reading