VDay: Love, Sex and then some…

I love Valentine’s Day, all the love in the air and what not and all that sex being had simultaneously across the globe. But does this translate to it being for couples and lovers only? I think not! If you’re a single pringle, two words for you: SELF LOVE! Send yourself presents, treat yourself to dinner if you want. Connect with thine self and revel in your sexuality and sensuality.  I’m certain some VDay plans have been made for this weekend with it falling on a Tuesday, so here are a few tips for the weekend…

Get you an oral sex stimulator; you don’t need to have another person present to reach climax. Lying in bed or soaking in a tub; cum over and over, no tired mouths or sloppy tongue action.
Orrrrr get you a toy that combines external clitoral or internal G-spot stimulation and pleasure. For more fun with this (these), stand. This way, there’s extra pressure on your walls for intense sensations. Lean against a wall and rest one foot against it; if you’re in the bath, put one foot against the side of the tub.
Orrrrr do a man-spread and arm yourself with a handheld massager. Lean with it, rock with it, get jiggy with it.

For my coupled up lovelies, flowers and chocolates, dinner and the works are romantic but it is also nice to switch things up; shake it a little you know. Make your partner a coupon booklet or jar, each one redeemable for a special gesture; who doesn’t want an on-demand back-rub or special indulgence in their very favorite sex position? Sprinkle some dares, creative games and raunchy games in there.
Fellas, put a ring on it! Try a vibrating ring today; strong vibrations coming off you, you feel a little bit bigger and more stamina, hello?!
Or wear a remote controlled vibrator and let your partner control the reins during your night out in town; the build up through the evening should lead to a wild and explosive night.
Or plan a lazy day or weekend in with all the works; lingerie, edible body paint, erotic card games, sensual board games, LUBE, cuffs and tassels etc etc..

Role play doesn’t hurt either but in the end, have a happy Valentine’s Day whoever you are and where ever you are… xx



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