“When you get home, go into the den. Turn the lights out and wait for me. xx”

I do as I had been instructed via iMessage, shedding my jacket as I make my way to the den. Rows of scented tower and tea light candles line the floor, giving the room a soft glow and a heady smell of lavender and some sweet mix I couldn’t quite place. I turn out the lights and sit on the single chair that’s almost in the middle of the den. Only then do I notice the new addition to the room; a metallic fireman’s pole. I let out a soft whistle. Continue reading

Game Night (II)

Everyone refilled their drinks and gave Nana a hard time for being the only one dressed; Nii suggested Nana use this time to fulfil her fantasy of bondage with Amerley while Kofi watches. Both women were horny enough to do anything and Kofi, while having just cum, was more than willing to watch that fantasy.
“What can I use?” Nana asked, looking around the room.
“I have some scarves I think would be good,” Afia offered.

“Wow. Do you know this from experience?” Nana asked her friend.

Afia only smiled. “Maybe.”
She got up. “Come on, you guys. Into the bedroom.” Continue reading