Glory Holes Chronicles I

We had been talking about glory holes and my boyfriend had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I have never been keen honestly but lately he had been pressing the issue more and more, telling me it is a fantasy of his to watch me. I am really hesitant about it, not really liking the idea of playing with other dicks.

Reluctantly, I agree that one night we would go along and just see what it was like. He is so excited and made it sound like fun and as we were solid together, there were not going to be any issues. He suggests I dress sexily so I feel the mood better.

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A Night Out

I watch him walk into the club and I know I am going to fuck him before I leave.



Twist is packed but it’s not hard to pick him out amidst the sea of bodies. He laughs at something someone says and looks my way and I swear there’s a pull in my nether region.

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