An Introduction to Mistress 

Chest heaving, body glistening with sweat, I stare at her and wonder if this is really her first time being a Dominatrix.

“Pay attention and don’t complicate things, this isn’t rocket science! When I ask a question, you answer ‘yes Mistress,’ or ‘no Mistress.’ Got it? Okay, let’s try this again.”

She trails her flogger along my shoulders, dragging it over my skin all the way to my feet and leans over me, her hands brush my dick making me twitch but she kneels on the bed and binds my feet, giving me a glimpse of her pussy. She turns around and catches me looking.

“Aww look at you, Baby…rock hard and hungry for pussy. Know what edging you does to me? Makes me wet, baby. Crazy wet. Makes me wanna fuck my slave. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Get Mistress hot and bothered so she forgets about the kinky stuff she’s gonna do to you. I know what you’re thinking. That’s not happening.”

She sashays to the drawers and returns with an item in each hand. She leans over me again, this time reaching for my dick and I groan, hoping and praying for relief. She squirts some oil on her palms and spreads it on my dick, stroking me up and down and puts a cock ring on me. She turns on it on from the side and strong vibrations start from the base of my dick, jolting me and making me groan aloud.

“You’re so hard and slick.

Oh, I get it. My baby’s afraid he’ll come. He’s learned, hasn’t he? Yes, he has. Mistress went cray cray when he came without permission, didn’t she? That’s right, she did. And we are never, ever going to come without permission again, are we?”

“No, Mistress.”

“I didn’t think so.”

There is NO way in hell this is her first time doing this!! I look her over again, feeling myself get impossibly harder, the ring stretching. She has on heels, sheer black stockings, with seams up the back of the leg and a pair of garters. The garters have always been a power item for her; she loves the feel of the garters and enjoys even more how they look on her. All she has on is a sheer lacy bra and mid thigh black skirt with her hair in a mean ponytail and her blood-red lips. Even her nails were a shiny red. Damn!
I looked up and realized she had been speaking to me. “Huh?”

“I see you haven’t learned anything…”

She bends down and pulls a blindfold around my head, lets go of it and it comes to rest onto my face with a sudden snap.


Satin on both wrists bind my hands to the bed frame. Then silence.
I hear a slow click, click, click of stilettos on wood. As each “click” came closer, my thighs, belly, and fists tightened, and I realize how right men are about the sound of heels—sexy, scary, and utterly feminine.

I am trying to hear where she is when I hear a swish, loud and fast. “What the Fuck” escapes before I can clamp down and not make a sound. The blow lands low on my belly and it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I like it…

“You like that baby? Would you like to me to demonstrate again?”

“Yes,yes,yes, please, please…” I think to myself while clenching my teeth, anticipating another.

“I could deliver a punishment blow, would you like that instead? Perhaps some other time, I could demonstrate on you—I’d enjoy that. You might too, it would be fun to see.” She almost purrs.

She climbs up on top of me and slides forward, rubbing against my thighs. I twitch lightly—it tickles. She stops when she reaches my middle, and lowers herself until her pussy was rubbing my dick. Then she creeps forward, one knee at a time, until the intense musk of her sex fills my nostrils and tell me that she is poised above me. She lowers herself onto my face and I launch my tongue upwards to meet her as she grinds herself into my mouth. I pause, inhaling and filling my nostrils with her smell. She lifts herself, slides the blindfold off and locks eyes with me. She says in a voice that belies her gentle face,

“Don’t ignore me. If you haven’t made me come in 5 minutes, you will regret it. That crop is a toy, but there are some serious tools in my bag. My clit, slave, my clit.” And with that she lowers herself back onto me.

I desperately search for her clit with my lips and tongue. I didn’t doubt her; if I don’t give her what she wants, I will regret it. I focus on different things that I know will get her off—swirling my tongue over her nub, kisses, sucking, licking and grinding into her.
The softness of her skin against mine is delicious, and the taste and delicacy of her pussy are exquisite novelties. But I can hear the timer ticking: tick, one lick closer to a licking; tick, one second closer to a stinging. But before the bell tolls for me, I feel her legs tighten and begin to shake. I try to swirl my tongue around her clit one more time, thrust up into her as hard and as deep as I can and then drag my tongue back out and hard over her. She bucks and gasps. I hold my tongue in place on her clit. She raises herself and swings off me, saying, “That was 5 minutes and 10 seconds—you owe me.” Oh Fuck. Then she smiles and said, “but I’ll let you off this time.” Then she leaned down and kisses me.

I lie there panting, throbbing, coasting down off my sexual high, but feeling somewhere between thoroughly used and fucking turned on. She kneels between my spread legs and strokes my dick lovingly, she knows I’m close. I feel her hands on me, stroking me,

“How’s that feel? Mistress knows what her boy likes, doesn’t she? Yes, she does.”

I am approaching my orgasm and she increases her stroking rhythm a bit, just enough to push me over the edge and slips off the cock ring. Incoherent sounds slip past my lips as she uses her hand to keep on stroking the length of my dick. I become even more engorged, and I know she knows that I would come. I feel my muscles convulse, and jizz shoots from deep inside my balls.

I am ecstatic; I’ve never experienced a more powerful orgasm in a while. It is almost as though my pelvic muscles are adding more force to my ejaculation. The satisfaction is incredible! I lie there with my stomach covered with my own jizz. I am still rock hard. She makes just the smallest hand movements now, but after a minute or so, she begins stroking me in earnest once more; only this time, there’s no teasing.

It takes about five minutes, and I am being pushed over the edge once again. Once she senses that I’m at the point where my orgasm is inevitable, she changes her grip. She wraps one hand over the head of my dick and uses her fingers in a swirling motion to massage my most sensitive underside. The intense shivering, tickling sensation she creates is driving me crazy. I can’t see a thing but it feels like my skin is alive, like I can feel everything even in my pores. I can’t stand it, but at the same time, I don’t want her to stop the stimulation. Being tied up, I didn’t exactly have a choice. I feel my balls draw up and I cum again, breathing hard as I do.

She walks away and returns and I feel a wet washcloth on me, cleaning me. As I lie there, spent and empty, completely sated, I don’t that I have anything left to give.

I feel her take the blindfold off and I squint against the sudden glare of light. Her soft lips touch mine, feather light, barely connecting. They hover there for a second and then slowly spread to cover mine. They are slick, well lubricated by lip gloss. Her mouth turns slightly and her nose slides against mine. Her kiss deepens and she pushed into me. Her long nails dig into my scalp, her hands cradle my ears, holding my head steady as she kisses me.

“Shall we do this again?”



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