“When you get home, go into the den. Turn the lights out and wait for me. xx”

I do as I had been instructed via iMessage, shedding my jacket as I make my way to the den. Rows of scented tower and tea light candles line the floor, giving the room a soft glow and a heady smell of lavender and some sweet mix I couldn’t quite place. I turn out the lights and sit on the single chair that’s almost in the middle of the den. Only then do I notice the new addition to the room; a metallic fireman’s pole. I let out a soft whistle.

The object of my thoughts walks in and I can feel the blood rushing from my head. She has on a belted robe and I try to make out what’s underneath. She undoes the belt, her robe falls open and I groan; she is wearing a bedazzled black lace teddy, a pair of thigh high lace stockings and looks good enough to eat. I may try later, but for now I watch as she crosses the room and presses play on her phone. I give a half smile, recognizing her ‘undulations pon mi maggaman” playlist; I contributed about half the songs on the playlist. She sashays towards me, stopping in front of me, leaning close till her breasts are the same level as my eyes, plump red lips taunting me.
“Promise me,” she orders. “No moving, no touching.”
“I promise.”

“Good boy,” she says with a smile.

She kisses me, sucking my bottom lip into her mouth and giving it a soft nip. She stops and puts her mouth by my ear;

“It’s yours, but you can’t have it until I unwrap it for you.”

“Remember, you promised not to move,” she reminds me as she slowly starts to dance. “No matter what I do, you can’t touch me.”

I groan. I see where this is going and it will be exquisite torture for me. I just hope I can hold out. Not touching her is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I groan again as Kranium’s Stamina comes on the sound system and she sheds her robe. She begins to move, slowly, rolling her hips, running her hands over her skin, shimmying her chest and I follow her every move with my eyes, my chest rising and falling rapidly. She backs up against the pole, hands above her head, whining and holding on to the pole as she would her lover, her butt pressed snugly against it. She rolls her hips and whines her waist, sliding up and down the pole, biting her lip. All the light is behind her so I can’t see her features, just her silhouette. I adjust in my seat as she dances against the pole, legs spread, one hand still wrapped around the pole. She comes towards me again as Rihanna’s Kiss it Better blaring from the sound system.

She smiles and straddles me where I sit on the chair. Her body isn’t touching me, but she’s only a few inches away as she starts to slowly gyrate and run her hands up and down her side. I grit my teeth and pray for control as she begins to knead her breasts with both hands. Meanwhile, her hips are moving in rhythm to the sounds of the music and my control starts to slip as she slides her crotch all over my lap. She’s wet. I can feel it through the thin material of her lingerie and I close my eyes, willing my hands to not touch her, my breathing laboured. She moves till her pussy is right against my hard dick and starts to press herself against me, her butt quivering against my thighs. I want to hold on, truly I do, but if she continues rubbing her pussy all over me, all bets are off.
Her hands are still working over those beautiful nipples beneath the almost nonexistent fabric of her lingerie and then she presses her chest against mine, nipping my ear and I got impossibly harder. She raises herself off me and presses my face in between her breasts and I am ready to call the damn thing off. She gets off me and puts her hands on my thighs, her back to me, butt on my erection as she begins to grind on me slowly, raising her body up and down and rolling her waist.

She sashays away and grabs the pole with both hands and swings her body, one leg wrapped around the pole, body twirling along the pole, hair fanning out behind her as she moves. I stare, eyes following her every move. She twirls around the pole, eyes closed and i just watch entranced. I walk to her and pluck her from the pole….
“Babe, I haven’t finished!”

“Fuck the rest of the dance!”

She wraps her legs around me and I kiss her hard, smudging her lipstick, hands in her hair. I lay her gently on the floor, kissing her neck, the pulsing at her throat, nipping her lobe. She writhes against me, pressing her body against mine, pulling me closer to her, wanting to feel my weight on her.
“Why do you still have clothes on?”
I kneel to take my shirt off and her hands are there, frantic, grabbing at it and helping to take it off. I feel her fingers on my chest, nails scrapping my nipples, hands locking behind my neck, pulling me to her. Lips fuse with mine as I unhook and take the teddy off her, freeing her breasts. I reach for them, bringing them to my lips; she moans as i latch on to her nipples, my hands kneading her pert flesh. I get up to rid myself of the rest of my clothes and she’s there; naked, save for her stockings and knickers. I lift her and she wraps her legs around my waist as I kiss the erratic pulsing in her neck and inhale her smell. She rubs herself against me, her panties a barrier between me and her wetness. I slip my fingers past them into her hot, wet center and I am rewarded with her moans and sighs. I coat her clit with her slickness and stroke it, slipping my fingers back into her, stretching her, fucking her slowly. Soon her waist is moving in time with my hand.
I move from the wall and sit back on the chair, with her in my lap, my thigh glistening with her juices. She kisses me deeply and moves back to stare into my eyes, one hand pulling her panties to the side as she impales herself on my dick, slowly, inch by inch, both of us hissing and sighing in content. I sit still and let her set a pace, ride me how she likes, enjoying the feel of her warm velveteen wetness as I slid in and out of her, coated in her juices. She leans over and whispers in my ear, “Fuck me, Papi, please!”

Hands around her waist, steadying her, I thrust into her, fast, hard, repeatedly, how she wants it till she’s moaning loudly, saying my name over and over.

She knows I’m close and starts to milk me every time I thrust deep inside her; bearing down on me as I push into her, squeezing her walls and pushing as I thrust into her. Her pussy gets wetter and she clenches me even more. She locks her legs with mine, arms around my back as I spread her cheeks, thrusting deeper into her, both of us breathing hard. Her thighs go weak as she buries her face in my neck, nails digging into my back, her body limp as I feel her cumming, her pussy convulsing and pulsing around my dick, pushing me out and sucking me in at the same damn time. The sensations are too intense and I can’t hold on anymore, I thrust and cum deep inside her. She is incoherent still, legs spasming, her tell-tale aftershocks.

I hold her till I feel her stop shaking, our chests heaving against each other, Miguel crooning in the background. She looks up at me and we both burst out laughing.
“Every damn time,” she says.

I nuzzle her neck and rest my head on her naked shoulder.
“That was perfect,” I respond.
“But, I like to finish my routine next time.”

“There’s plenty of time babe. I and that pole are going nowhere.”

“There was more.” she says and follows her words with a long, slow kiss.

I pick her up and head for the shower…


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