Game Night (II)

Everyone refilled their drinks and gave Nana a hard time for being the only one dressed; Nii suggested Nana use this time to fulfil her fantasy of bondage with Amerley while Kofi watches. Both women were horny enough to do anything and Kofi, while having just cum, was more than willing to watch that fantasy.
“What can I use?” Nana asked, looking around the room.
“I have some scarves I think would be good,” Afia offered.

“Wow. Do you know this from experience?” Nana asked her friend.

Afia only smiled. “Maybe.”
She got up. “Come on, you guys. Into the bedroom.”

She led Nana, Amerley and Kofi down the hall. Afia opened the sliding closet door and looked over a set of scarves hanging in the back of the closet. She grabbed a few and handed them to Nana.
“Here. Have fun. Oh, and you might want to check out that drawer.”
She pointed to the table next to the bed and pulled the door shut behind her as she left. Nana was separating the scarves and eyeing the drawer when Kofi said, “Amerley, here’s your chance to finally get Nana naked.” Amerley quickly moved over to her and removed her sweatshirt. She let her hands slide over top of Nana’s large breasts before taking off her panties. Amerley wanted to taste her, but realized the fantasy was for her to be the submissive.

“Well?” she asked Nana.
“On the bed,” Nana ordered.

Nana and Kofi watched the luscious girl climb onto the bed. Her breasts hung invitingly before she rolled onto her side and looked at the couple.
“On your back,” Nana said.
Amerley did as ordered and Kofi stared at the perfect body stretched out before him. His dick once again felt that familiar twinge.
Nana used one of the scarves to secure Amerley’s wrist and tied the other end to the headboard rails. She leaned over the girl and repeated the process on the other wrist. Amerley wanted to lean up and take Nana’s breast into her mouth, but realized it was just out of reach. She couldn’t remember ever being any hornier than she was at that moment.
Nana stepped back to view her prize. She felt her pussy tingle with excitement looking down at the helpless girl with the perfect breasts and inviting pussy. Nana took one finger and moved it from the top of Amerley’s breasts, over a nipple, down her stomach and onto her clit.
“Now let’s see what’s in Afia’s little drawer,” she said teasingly.
She slid open the wood drawer and let out a little gasp.
“Oh my. This is interesting!”
Nana pulled out a large, plastic dildo. Then another even thicker one. And finally a shiny vibrator. She laid them each on the bed next to Amerley.
“Oh my. Which one do I use first?” Nana asked.
She picked up the largest dildo, a wickedly thick penis with ridges all the way down its length.
“Wow, Amerley. Have you ever had anything this big before?”
Amerley shook her head, seriously wondering if her body would ever accept it, even in its present state of need.
“Oh. I bet you have,” Nana said. She put the dildo on top of Amerley’s left breast, sliding it back and forth across the nipple. Amerley closed her eyes at the delightful sensation it caused. When Nana did the same on the other breast, Amerley began to lift her hips involuntarily.
“Look, Kofi. I think she likes it,” Nana said with a smile. Kofi had moved to a large chair at the foot of the bed, intent on enjoying what was about the happen.
“I think she wants it in her pussy,” he suggested.
“I do, too,” Nana agreed.
She slid the dildo down Amerley’s body and let it touch her clit making Amerley spread her legs wider. Nana moved the dildo up and down over the clit and Amerley moved her body in time with the dildo.
Nana inched the toy lower and stopped it at the entrance to Amerley’s pussy. She shifted it for a few seconds, then lifted it up into the air. Moisture glistened over the tip.
Nana moved it up to Amerley’s mouth.

“Here. Taste this. Suck it like a dick,” Nana said.
She put the dildo between Amerley’s lips, who instinctively took it into her mouth. She licked the sweetness off the tip and tried to suck on as much of the huge dildo as she could.
Then Nana put the fake penis back between Amerley’s legs.
“OK. Let’s see how much of this bad boy you can take.”
Amerley’s body tensed at the feel of the dildo back at her pussy. The tip entered her without difficulty, but as soon as the head of the cock slipped past the entrance, Amerley felt her pussy being stretched to the limit.
She groaned as more of the dildo was pushed inside her.
“No. No,” she cried out.
“Oh, I think you’ll want this,” Nana assured her.
She pressed harder. Another half inch of the dildo disappeared and Amerley continued to whimper. The groans were half agony and half desperation.
Nana began to slowly fuck her captive with the dildo. It glistened with Amerley’s wetness and made loud sucking noises with each thrust. Kofi reached down and took his dick in his hand, the scene was too much for him to ignore it. Amerley was beyond worrying about the size of the plastic penis in her. She just wanted to be fucked by it until she came. She had to cum soon.
Nana watched Amerley struggle against her restraints and spread her legs even wider. The young girl was driving her crazy with lust and she wanted to do something she never dreamed she’d do in front of Kofi. She moved until she could continue to fuck Amerley with the dildo and get her mouth on the girl’s clit.

She leaned down and gently kissed the engorged clit, softly licking around it. Finally, she made contact with it and felt Amerley’s body jerk with approval. Nana kissed her clit one time before licking it, feeling the warm hardness of the skin on her tongue. Soon she was licking and sucking, thrusting the dildo into Amerley as fast as she could.

Amerley’s entire body wanted to explode. She pulled against the scarves and lifted her ass off the bed to get her clit closer to Nana’s face. She felt the dildo pushing her pussy wider apart, hitting her g-spot with every plunge.
Kofi was has hard as he was while fucking Afia. He had a perfect view of his girlfriend sucking on a woman’s clit, and he knew he would cum if they kept it up. Nana moved her head slightly and Amerley screamed out that she was going to cum. Nana put a hand on Amerley’s breast and squeezed the nipple between her fingers. Amerley’s orgasm erupted and she thrashed on the bed as much as her restraints would allow her. Wave after wave flowed through her body and out her stuffed pussy. Each time Nana’s tongue hit her clit, Amerley wanted to cum again.
She came for what seemed an eternity before crashing onto the bed, totally limp. She tried to roll away from Nana, who continued to playfully stab at the clit with her tongue. Amerley moaned again when Nana withdrew the dildo from her pussy.
“So, what did you think of that one?” Nana asked her prisoner.
Amerley only smiled and nodded. “Wonderful.”
Nana straddled Amerley’s body. The women’s eyes were filled with desire as Nana began to lower her breasts toward Amerley’s face. Unable to reach up for them, she had to wait the agonizing few seconds it took for the first nipple to reach her lips.
Amerley opened her mouth and let her tongue reach out for the nub. She got a couple of licks in before a large portion of Nana’s breast was inside her mouth. She wanted to devour the boob but concentrated on pleasing Nana by sucking on the swelling nipple. She ran her tongue over it roughly and pushed her head up to take as much of the tit as she could. She did this to each of Nana’s breasts before watching the other woman move up until her pussy was just inches from her mouth. She could smell her and see moisture. Nana tempted her for a few seconds, and then lowered her body until Amerley could finally lick the wetness she saw earlier. She felt Amerley’s tongue enter her over and over like a finger. Then she moved until the tongue found her clit.
Now she settled in, grabbing the headboard and letting Amerley suck away. The young girl really knew how to please her and Amerley was intent on making her cum just as hard as she had. Kofi could only see his girlfriend’s small, round ass and Amerley’s face, with her tongue probing between Nana’s legs. His cock was rigid in his hand, closer to cumming than he thought possible after his fucking of Afia. A few drops of precum appeared at the tip while he watched Nana get closer to an orgasm herself. Nana felt her stomach tighten and her pussy contract. She pushed her clit deep into Amerley’s mouth and exploded with a long-needed orgasm. Her shrieks only caused Amerley to suck harder on the clit and Kofi to rub his cock faster.
The bed rocked as Nana pushed against the headboard, her pussy fucking Amerley’s face. Pound, pound, pound.
The headboard smashed against the wall as Nana’s orgasm built to a climax. Moisture dripped down Nana’s thigh and across Amerley’s face. She licked and licked and sucked some more. Nana finished one orgasm and another burst out after.

As Kofi listened to her cum again, he leaned back in his chair, spurt after spurt shot from his dick onto his stomach. He held the dick down with his palm and stroked it until he couldn’t cum any more. Nana moved down and lay on top of her captive lover. They found themselves kissing passionately, something they never would have thought of before the evening started. Now they found it as natural as eating.
Kofi silently made his way to the bathroom and towelled himself off. He was convinced nothing more that evening would get him as hard again, but he didn’t rule it out either.
Nana had untied Amerley and they were rolling together on the bed, kissing and letting their hands roam.

That’s when the bedroom door opened and Nii and Mya walked in.
“We heard you and thought this might be a good time to break in,” Nii said smiling. “The only fantasy we haven’t done yet is Nana, Mya and me alone for one hour. We want our hour.”
“You’re going to have to lead,” Nana said. “I’m a little tired.”
“It’s my choice anyway,” Mya reminded them.
“Let’s go, Amerley,” Kofi said, grabbing her hand.
When they had left, Nii closed the door. He looked at Mya in her naked beauty.
“I want you to fuck me from behind,” Mya said to Nii. “Nana, you can just lay there for now.”
Mya climbed onto the bed and straddled Nana’s body. Her breasts hovered over the woman’s face. She looked behind her as if to guide Nii, he quickly complied and got onto the bed behind her. His cock had been hard already from listening to the previous threesome and some attention paid to him by Afia and Mya.. She leaned over to put a breast in Nana’s mouth and spread her legs for Nii. He looked longingly at the bare ass and pussy before him. He smacked her butt with his dick.
He grabbed the front of Mya’s legs and pulled back as he aggressively shoved his dick into her sopping wet pussy. She let out a whine, but loved the feel of his dick deep inside her. Nii watched Nana suck on breasts as he fucked her harder and faster.
“Play with my clit, Nana,” she ordered softly.
Nana eagerly complied, feeling Nii’s cock every now and then as it plunged into her pussy. She saw Mya’s mouth open without saying anything, other than a few barely audible moans. Nii held onto her hips tightly as he let his dick pound into her. Mya cried out, climaxing, her orgasm going on and on. Nana never stopped playing with her clit and each touch prolonged Mya’s pleasure.
Nii felt the Mya’s body quiver as the orgasm went on.
“Cum on my ass, Nii. Please,” Mya pleaded.
Nii didn’t need to be begged. He fucked her until he was ready to cum and stroked himself onto her quivering globes, pools of white cum accumulated on each of them, finishing by rubbing his dick between her ass cheeks.

They spent the rest of the hour taking turns and making each other cum.


The day after Christmas everyone received a copy of the video with Kofi opening his presents naked, he and Nana fucking under the tree at the end.

They all quickly agreed that to submit fantasies during the year and once again meet to play the game when the season arrived.


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