Game Night (I)

“We never know what to get you guys for Christmas. Ever! We exchange gifts in two days!!!!”

They were all by the poolside at Fiesta Royale, the girls in the pool, the guys in the lounge chairs.

Nii and Afia had this same problem. They had met in University and were now boyfriend and girlfriend living together in sin. Lots of constant sin. Neither of them was into shopping and didn’t want to be predictable and ask what the other wanted. Nii reckoned Afia was tired of getting dresses and Afia figured Nii was swimming in console games.

The two couples were extremely close. They double dated all the time, went places together and always had a good time. Nii never minded having the incredibly sexy Nana around and Afia, if pressed for an answer, might concede she kind of liked her friend’s peng boyfriend, Kofi. Plenty of friendly flirting was the norm but no lines had ever been crossed. Kofi’s friend, Mya was a frequent addition to their group; everybody teased Nii that Kofi brought her around to drive to drive him nuts because he said he found her “extraordinarily sexy in an adorable way”. Low-key, Nii had fantasized about fucking her a couple of times.Nii had an idea and had been waiting for the perfect time to pitch it to the group.
“Do you guys have as much trouble as me and Afia when it comes to buying gifts?” he asked the other couple.

“Are you kidding?” Kofi exclaimed. Nana nodded. “I hate it sometimes. Well, I mean, I don’t hate buying gifts for Nana… But, you know, it’s hard finding something new and different every year.”

“Yeah. I love all my gifts but there’s always something out there I don’t get that I really want,” Nii added.
“Like what?” Nana asked.
Nii pretended to think, “I don’t know. Sometimes it’s not even a material thing.” The girls joined them on the chaise chairs, grabbing drinks. Kofi’s statement about presents and Nii’s comment sent everyone into deep thought for some minutes, each one of them staring into space.
Nii looked at Nana, “Don’t you wish for somebody instead of something sometimes?” She laughed. “Herh! Who doesn’t once in a while?”
“Hmm who?” Afia asked innocently.

“Hell no! I’m not falling for that. I beg.” Nana replied, laughing.

“Who?” Kofi asked. Nii and Afia laughed loudly.

“Ei! Nii brought this up. He should answer the question.” Nana replied.

Everyone turned to Nii expectantly, and he hesitated before responding. “You and Mya.”

“What?!?” It was more a shriek than a question. Nana leaned forward on the chaise, wide eyed.
“Wait,” Kofi said. “Do you mean you want Nana and Mya in a threesome…or do you mean you want to watch Nana and Mya go at it?”

“I have to choose?” Nii said seriously.

“Choose wisely,” Afia said.

“OK. Your turn,” Nii said, looking at Nana.

“Well, let it be known I’ve never thought of Mya in those terms,” she replied.

“Yeah, right. Go on,” Nii urged her.

She side-eyed him, then thought. “Okay. There are some guys…you know. At work. Just around.” She fidgeted. Kofi looked over at her with interest.
“So you’ve thought about it,” Nii said.
“Are you going to answer Kofi’s question?” Afia asked

Nii smiled. “This is my point. We all have fantasies. We hide them and never act upon them.” He stopped to let it sink in. Nobody said anything.
“So I’m suggesting we begin fulfilling some of those dreams,” he concluded.
“How?” Kofi finally asked.

“I suggest we each write down a couple of attainable fantasies. For instance, it’s no use for Nana to write down that she wants to do some guy at work who we know wouldn’t be part of this. You’ve heard one of mine. And your fantasy could involve two people…or more…besides yourself. Like the Nana and Mya thing.”
He stopped to smile, but Nana jumped in. “And who are we supposed to include in this?”
“The four of us and Mya, if she wants to join in. Kofi, that’s your job,” Nii said.
“I can find out,” Kofi said confidently.
“And Amerley,” Nana added.
Nii was pleasantly shocked at Nana’s addition of Mya’s roommate. Amerley had the morals of a drunken sailor on leave. And quite the body.
“See,” Nii said. “We can do this. The more the merrier. Let’s get the final list of participants and, in the meantime, be thinking about your entries. We’ll draw next weekend. And we’ll also throw in some random combinations just for fun. Each of us will have one opportunity to refuse what we draw, but you have to go with the second pick. Fair?”
“So we don’t get our own entries?” Afia pouted.
“We’ll make sure your entries are identified. If somebody else draws it and passes it on to you, then the original person who drew gets a bonus pick.”
That seemed reasonable to everybody and nods prevailed. More details were ironed out, such as the fantasies could be designed to be acted out the night of the drawing or at a future time and place. Entries could also specify witnesses to the event.
“Kofi, get hold of Mya and Amerley. Report back,” Nii ordered.
“Got it,” Kofi replied.
Everyone had grins on their faces; a mix of bewilderment and pleasure at the turn the conversation had taken.

The next day, the entire group met at Nii’s apartment in Airport Hills. Mya and Amerley, in their tight jeans and loose t-shirts, were more inebriated than the others. Their nervous giggles only excited Nii even more about the possibilities of his idea being a success. Not to mention the beginning of a hard on.

With everybody lounging in the den, Nii collected the individual entries. He tossed them into the box and gave it a prolonged stirring with his hand. He put the box in front of the couch and watched the other guests stare at it like it was on fire.
“Merry Christmas everybody,” Nii announced. “Shall we begin?”
Everyone agreed.
“When you draw an entry and open it, state whether it is somebody else’s fantasy or not. Remember, if you give somebody their entry to play out, you get a bonus pick during the game,” Nii said.
“When’s the game over?” Afia asked.
“When everybody has a fantasy to play or a fantasy plus their bonus.”
“Sounds fair,” Kofi said. “Who’s first?”
“Good question. How about if we each pick a number from a separate stack?” Nii suggested.
Amerley got a piece of paper, cut out six squares and put numbers on each. She mixed up the pieces of paper on the floor and told everyone to pick one.
“Who’s got number one?” Nii said.
“That’s me,” Mya said softly. “God, I’m nervous.”
Everyone laughed, but they were probably just as nervous. They watched her crawl on her hands and knees from her position on the floor to the table with the box, her shirt rising up, exposing lots of skin. Her jeans rode very low on her hips and the strap of her panties appeared just briefly before she reached into the box. They watched her open the piece of paper and read it. She blushed.
“This one is Nana’s,” Mya said.
“Yes!” Nii blurted out to the enjoyment of the others. “You can give it to Nana, or take it as your own. If you give it to Nana you get a bonus pick.”

Mya read the entry again and smiled.
“I’ll let Nana have it.” She reached over to the couch and put it in the outstretched hand of the owner.
“Okay. So it’s Nana’s turn now to read her fantasy. And she gets her own pick when it’s her turn. Mya has another pick coming,” Nii confirmed.

All eyes were on her. Nii wondered how many in the room hoped to hear their name soon. His eyes moved to the deep v-neck cut of her sweater, showing the upper portions of her breasts which were obviously not supported by a bra. Not that they needed support.
“Well, um…I put down…uh…”
“Just read the fucking piece of paper,” Kofi finally shouted out.

“Me, Nii and Mya alone for one hour. Mya’s choice,” Nana read.

“I knew it. I knew it,” Nii shouted, raising his hands above his head.

“Wow. Can I watch?” Amerley chimed in.

“It doesn’t say anything about witnesses, so I’m afraid not. Sorry,” Nii ruled.

Amerley moped, clearly getting into the game now.
“When is it?” Afia asked, apparently not too apprehensive about the consequences of the fantasy.
“I guess that’s Mya’s choice,” Nana said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe tonight. We’ll have to see.” Her smile said it all.

“OK. Mya, it’s still your turn,” Nii said. “Choose again.”

Mya’s hand went back into the pile of paper and withdrew with a single entry. She read it silently, grinning before turning serious again.
“It says ‘Choose two people you want to see together, right now, right here, for five minutes.'”
“Nothing about it being someone else’s fantasy?” Amerley asked.


“Are you going to use it?” Kofi prodded her.

“Sure,” Mya said, slowly looking around the room. “You and Amerley.”

Cheers went up from Nii and Afia, and even Nana had to smile, perhaps from the effects of her wine. Kofi looked at her and Nana pushed him off the couch towards Amerley.
“Go,” she ordered him. “And keep it to five minutes.”
Mya moved out of the way so Kofi and Amerley were together on the family room carpet. Kofi looked at her, resting on her knees, nipples poking against her thin t-shirt. A strip of skin just above her jeans. He wanted to grab her and throw her on the floor, but decided against making the first move. Amerley had always liked the athletic-looking man. Now she was peering at what appeared to be a growing bulge in Kofi’s pants. She licked her lips and looked up at him. Then she inched forward until they almost touched.
“Five minutes. Go,” Nii said, looking at his watch.
Kofi wished he’d been drinking a little more, just to make this easier. But his body took control of his mind and he reached out for her, both coming together in a friendly embrace, their lips lightly touching each other. Amerley’s tongue met Kofi’s and the embrace became something more. Their bodies pushed against each other and Amerley felt her breasts being compressed against Kofi’s muscular chest. The room was eerily silent as everybody watched the pair on the floor. Hands began to roam. Kofi put his on Amerley’s bare back, slightly above the bottom of her shirt. Amerley put hers on the man’s hips, desperately trying not to reach for his dick.
Their kiss took up nearly the entire first minute of their “session”. Finally, Kofi’s weight on Amerley’s much smaller body forced her to fall to the floor. They remained locked together, with Kofi slightly on top. They continued to kiss and Kofi found his hands riding up the smooth skin of Amerley’s belly. Everyone’s eyes were riveted on the bottom of Amerley’s shirt, inching its way up her body. Soon, her navel and stomach were fully exposed, with only a few inches to go to get to the bottom of her breasts. For her part, Amerley had moved a hand so that it rested on Kofi’s thigh. The others wondered separately how far it would go. None of them really expected anything more erotic than they’d seen already. At least, not until Kofi’s hand reached the point of no return. He either had to stop or he was going to be on top of Amerley’s right breast. When he felt his finger touch the base of it, he waited until their kiss ended.
He moved his head to her ear and whispered, “May I?”
She whispered back, “If I may.”

She got her answer when Kofi’s fingers slid completely under her shirt and over her breast. Amerley then moved her own hand onto his crotch and felt for the outline of his semi-erect dick. Nii looked at his watch. Three minutes. He felt his cock twitch and thought about letting them go on indefinitely. Everyone in the room could tell Kofi’s hand was now engulfing Amerley’s breast, kneading it roughly, the material of her shirt stretching back and forth as he did so. Amerley had found his dick and was rubbing it gently through his jeans. This, too, was easily identified by anybody watching.
Kofi put Amerley’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it tightly. She moaned and squeezed his dick in return. Both of them would have cum given another five minutes alone. Nii saw the time pass the four minute mark. He looked at Nana, who honestly seemed engrossed in what her boyfriend was doing to the much younger female. Kofi moved his hand to Amerley’s other breast and repeated his treatment of that nipple. Now both nipples were pushing against her shirt. She, alone, was aware of the fact her panties were wet. Only Kofi knew that precum seeped from the tip of his dick.
“Time’s up,” Nii announced, causing the women to all flinch from the abruptness of his decree. Kofi and Amerley gave each other one last little kiss, and one last little feel. They smiled and rolled apart.
“Wow,” Mya sighed. “That was a good one.”
Nii was glad the tension was broken and anxiously awaited what might happen next. Kofi suggested they all take a drink and everyone was in agreement. When they reassembled, Afia asked who had number 2 and Nii said he did. He pulled out an entry and read it aloud.
“Have any two related participants each take off one piece of clothing from the other.”
Afia, Nana, Kofi and Mya each felt their heart race.
“Oh, I’ve got to use this one,” Nii said gleefully.
He looked around the room and considered his options. As much as the girls would have enjoyed watching Kofi start to get undressed, the selfish side of him won out.
“I think Afia and Nana should take part in this one,” Nii concluded.
Kofi and Mya cheered and thanked their friend for sparing them. Afia gave her boyfriend a hateful stare before facing her friend and standing.
They each had jeans had. Afia wore a t-shirt with no bra, although Nii may have been the only one who knew that. Nana wore a sweatshirt and Kofi knew for a fact there was nothing underneath.
“Well,” Afia muttered.
” You first,” Nana said.

Afia reached for Nana’s jeans. She quickly had them open and unzipped. With a slight tug, the jeans fell around the ankles of Nana’s legs. Afia helped Nana step out of them while the guys concentrated on her tiny panties. They barely covered her pussy and neatly outlined the indentation of the area. Nii could only see a small portion of her ass, but was sure he’d get a better view soon. Nana had likewise pulled off her friend’s jeans, revealing an equally small pair of panties over an equally fine pussy and ass. The men, along with Mya and Amerley, enjoyed a great view of Nana’s butt during the process.
The friends stood when they were finished and headed back to their seats, pleased that nothing more revealing had occurred…yet.

“Thank you ladies,” Nii said. “That was well done. Well done.”
Amerley had number three and she pulled out an entry. She gasped and put her hand over her mouth as she read it.
“Oh my God,” she said.
“Come on,” Mya said anxiously. “Read it.”

“This is Kofi’s. It says one female, chosen by a separate drawing, must spend the rest of the evening naked.”

“Oh shit,” Mya said, “Pass on that one…please.”

“Yes. How much do you want?” Afia offered.

Amerley was already thinking about passing until the others began to beg. Now the evil side of her came out.
“No. I think I like this one. There’s only a one in four chance of getting picked. I’m going to do it,” Amerley said triumphantly.
Boos came from the other women as their names were put on pieces of paper and spread on the floor. Since it was Kofi’s fantasy, he got to pick. The anxiety in the women was obvious as he finally selected one and opened it. He laughed loudly and swung his head toward Amerley.
“Sure you don’t want to pass?” he said. He showed everybody the sheet with her name on it.
“Fuck,” she hissed. “Don’t you think it’s time to go home?”
“Hell no,” Nii said. “We have a ton of fantasies to fill yet.”

The others joined in and were nearly chanting by the time Amerley finally stood up. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and the room quieted down again. She stepped out of the jeans and revealed a dazzling thong. All eyes were on the strip of material even while she began to pull off her shirt. Then her bare breasts came into view and their fullness took everybody’s attention away from her pussy and ass.
Amerley stood nearly naked as five pairs of eyes scanned her figure. She teased them by running her hands up and down her body one time before pulling off the thong. Now it was impossible to decide what to look at.
“Very nice,” Kofi said quietly, his eyes locked onto the fine breasts he had held just a few minutes earlier.
“I don’t think it’s fair my turn was spent on your fantasy and it ended up being me,” Amerley whined.

“Should have passed,” Afia said as Amerley sat down on the floor. Her neatly shaven pussy, with just a strip of hair above her clit, seemed to beg for attention. But it would have to wait. Not a single person in the room could deny a growing horniness. Afia and Nana both prayed the wetness between their legs wasn’t too obvious as they sat in just panties and tops.

“OK. Who’s next,” Nii said to break the spell.
“Me,” his girlfriend said excitedly.

Afia reached into the box and pulled out the next entry. She thought for several seconds after reading it.
“Someone of your choice must open their Christmas presents naked and provide the group with either pictures or a video of them doing it,” she read out loud. “I’m definitely taking this one. And Kofi, you’re the man.”
“Damn. I knew it. I knew you had to pick a guy and why would you pick Nii? You get him naked every day,” Kofi said. The laughter of the group didn’t ease Kofi’s mind.
“We expect a video, big guy,” Nii said.
“Would that turn you on?” Kofi responded.

More laughs ensued, even from Nii.
“Who’s next?” Mya asked.
Nana and Kofi looked at their numbers.
“Me,” Nana said.
She reached for the box of entries, giving Nii an opportunity to loudly slap her on her exposed ass. She swiped at his hand and returned to her chair.
She read the paper and appeared to think about it.
“It’s time to play rough. Pick a partner on which to play out your favorite bondage fantasy. One witness allowed.”

Oohs and ahhs filled the room. Mya and Amerley both volunteered, causing Nii and Kofi to offer themselves as witnesses.
“Let’s see,” Nana said, circling the room with her eyes. “I’m already getting Nii and Mya alone for an hour.”
Her gaze halted on Amerley. The naked girl looked more and more tempting as the night progressed. Nana had never been with another woman, but this would be a good one to start with. And under her total control.
Amerley could feel her body respond to the possibility of being manipulated. Her eyes widened and her lips separated just a bit as if to speak.
“Amerley,” Nana said.
After a slight pause, she added: “Kofi, you can watch. But don’t touch.”
Amerley acted shocked, but at the same time had to bite her tongue to keep from asking when they could do it. She gave Nana a smile and nervously repositioned her naked body.

“Okay,” Nii said. “Let’s see. We have Nana, Mya and me alone for one hour, yet. Mya’s choice. Kofi has to open his present naked and present a video. And Nana gets a bondage fantasy with Amerley while Kofi watches. So far, so good. I think Kofi and Mya have one pick left.”

Everyone agreed and Kofi pulled out an entry. He read it silently before presenting it to the group: “Strip a member of the opposite sex.”
The three women who were still dressed, at least partially, stared at him fretfully. Naked Amerley was the only female in the room smiling. Kofi thought back to who had already been involved in fantasies during the evening. He and Amerley, of course, were pretty much taken care of as far as this entry was concerned. Afia and Nana each had their pants off. That left Mya. Everyone must have come to the same conclusion simultaneously because all eyes turned to her at once.

“You wouldn’t,” she murmured just loud enough to be heard.
“I think you’ve gotten off pretty easy so far,” Kofi said. “What does everybody think?”
Of course, affirmative answers filled the room. Amerley led the calls for Kofi to pick his friend.
“Stand up,” he said to her.
“I hate you,” Mya mumbled as she uneasily got to her feet.

Kofi looked at her t-shirt and jeans, not sure where to start but realizing quickly it made little difference in the long run. He moved directly in front of her and put his hands on the bottom of her shirt.
“Don’t touch my body,” Mya ordered.
Everyone laughed at her defiance, despite the fact she was already raising her arms.
Kofi lifted the shirt, it took him only seconds to lift the shirt beyond her breasts, over her head and off of her arms. The room was silent as everybody stared at her full breasts, nipples pointed out, highlighting the perfect upward curve of the breasts. Her hands instinctively covered herself, even as Kofi began to unzip her jeans. Mya watched her jeans fall to the floor. She stepped out of them, dressed now in only her skimpy panties. Kofi kneeled in front of her and deliberately pulled them off. Nii gawked at the body that stood just a few feet in front of him. He followed the curve of Mya’s hips down to her small, round ass. Her thighs were shaped and came together like magic at her pussy. The hour he would have with her and Nana couldn’t come soon enough.

As Kofi stood up, Mya said, “Now go sit down. Pervert.”
The tension in the room broke quickly as all the women hooted and ordered Kofi to follow his friend’s orders. Mya sat next to her naked roommate and attempted to cover up as much of herself as she could.
“Very well done, Kofi. Now Mya gets her bonus pick,” Nii said.
Mya begged for the box of entries to be handed down to her, but nobody came to her rescue. Instead, she got on her hands and knees and reached up for the box. Afia tried to move the box farther away, to the delight of the others. She snatched it and pulled out a piece of paper. As she read it, the others picked out their favorite parts of her gorgeous body to concentrate on.
Mya laughed. “This is Afia’s. She wants Nii and Kofi for as long as it takes. Anybody can watch.”
“As long as it takes for WHAT?” Nana asked.
“Watch and find out,” her friend replied with a smile.

“I might have to,” Nana said.

“OK. The drawing portion of the game is over. There are a couple of outstanding fantasies that have to be taken care of. I suggest we establish some dates and times first,” Nii said.

“Which one first?” Kofi asked.

“I think the Nana, Mya and me entry was first,” Nii said.

“Oh, sure. You’ve been waiting all night to get to that, haven’t you?” Afia said sarcastically. “And I noticed only the guys are still dressed. What a rip off.”

All the women agreed. “I think before we worry about that threesome, we should have Nii and Kofi take care of Afia. Now! And we get to watch,” Mya demanded. Another cheer went up. Afia appreciated the support, but wasn’t one hundred percent sure she could find the courage to have sex with her boyfriend and her friend’s boyfriend in front of the group. Her body was telling her otherwise, however.
“Yeah, I think it’s time we see some male skin around here,” Amerley chimed in.
It was inevitable that Nii and Kofi were going to be outvoted, so they both stood and began to strip. They were down to their underwear in no time. Bulges were apparent on both men and the women waited for the pulling down of the final pieces of clothing.
Nii was first, but Kofi soon followed. Both dicks were beginning to thicken from the evening’s proceedings and, now, full disclosure to the females’ view added to their length. By the time they stood naked in front of the group they were both semi-erect.
“Let’s go,” Nii said to Afia. “This is your fantasy.”
Afia stood and turned her back to Nii. She didn’t have to say anything. Nii lifted her shirt and let it fall to the floor. She felt his hard cock press against the top of her ass while he kneaded her breasts and all eyes were on her. Then Nii pulled down her panties. Her shaven pussy was getting very wet as Nii covered her with his body while he kissed her neck and shoulders. Kofi was harder now, stroking himself, anticipating what they would do. The room was strangely quiet as the sexual tension rose. Nii whispered into Afia’s ear and she lowered herself onto the floor in the center of the room. Amerley and Mya moved up to the empty chairs, with Nana alone on the couch.
“Let’s go Kofi. She wants us both. Don’t disappoint her,” Nii said.
Kofi moved to the opposite side of Afia from where Nii knelt. When he saw Nii lean over Afia’s breast, he did the same on the other side. Within seconds she had two men licking and sucking away at her breasts. The sounds of their lips and tongues working on Afia filled the room. Her moans grew louder as the men used their hands to push her breasts up to their mouths. By now both Kofi and Nii were rock hard, dicks stood straight out, desperate for satisfaction. Afia managed to find each of the cocks with her hands and hang on tightly as her breasts were assaulted. She stroked the dicks easily at first, then gripped harder and moved more frantically.
Nii put a hand between his girlfriend’s legs and felt the moisture growing. A single finger slipped inside her and convinced him she was ready.
“OK Kofi. I think she needs a cock now. You first,” Nii said.
Kofi looked down at her before moving between her legs. Afia anxiously spread them farther, bending her knees slightly. She watched Kofi position himself. The head of his cock touched her pussy lips. She hoped he would be rough, but didn’t have the nerve to say it. She felt Kofi’s cock begin to enter her and leaned back, enjoying the feel of his thick shaft slowly inching its way inside her. He tilted forward and his dick slid all the way in.
“Oh, God. Yes. That’s good,” Afia said softly.
Nii was on his knees so he moved forward until his cock was by her face. Afia tilted her head over and eagerly took his dick in her mouth. Now the fucking began in earnest. Kofi put his hands under Afia’s ass and lifted her off the floor, pistoning his dick into her. Hard. Fast.
“Yes, Kofi. Harder. Fuck me harder,” Afia urged him before taking Nii’s cock back into her mouth. It wasn’t until the words were out that she realized what she’d said in front of a roomful of all her friends.

Amerley tried to secretly touch her clit, but Mya saw her…smiled…and did the same to her own clit. Neither one could keep it up for long or they would cum.

Kofi was fucking Afia more forcefully now. Each time his dick drove into her, their bodies collided with a loud smacking sound. Nii felt Afia tighten her lips around his cock with each thrust of Kofi’s cock.

Afia felt her orgasm begin to build. Her nipples ached and she squeezed one with her free hand. The other hand was wrapped around the base of her boyfriend’s cock.
Kofi could feel the juices building around his cock. Afia’s tight pussy contracted as her orgasm got closer. He, too, wouldn’t last much longer.

Nana reached inside her panties and touched her clit without fear of being seen. The sight of her boyfriend doing her friend was more erotic than she had imagined. She moved her other hand onto her breast, her entire body shaking with the urge to cum.

Afia’s moans grew more frantic and desperate…not to mention louder. She wrapped her legs around Kofi’s waist.

“Yes. Yes. Keep going. I’m going to cum,” Afia cried out.
Kofi pushed harder. He pulled Afia toward him with each thrust. He fucked her faster the louder she got.
Finally, she cried out in one, long agonizing groan and arched her back. Kofi rammed his cock into her faster and felt her body shudder under him. He held her by the waist and fucked her as hard as he could. Afia just let the orgasm flow, wondering if it would ever stop. She pushed her hips out towards Kofi, wanting his cock deeper into her. But their bodies wouldn’t allow it. They smashed together and Afia kept cumming. She tried to suck on Nii’s cock, but her head shook back and forth too much with pleasure.

When she was almost done cumming, Afia felt Kofi pulling out ,

“No. I want you to cum inside me. It’s alright,” she pleaded.
Kofi was back inside her and soon he groaned loudly, announcing the beginning of his own orgasm. Afia watched him grimace, then felt the first gush of his warm fluid inside her. Thrust after thrust of his huge cock was accompanied by another spurt of his cum.
Meanwhile, Nii was stroking his cock over Afia’s face and he, too, began to cum. The first splash streaked across her mouth and neck. The next few were aimed at her breasts and several bands of white cum soon covered her chest.

Kofi and Nii finished at about the same time and collapsed next to the cum covered woman on the floor.
“Wow,” Amerley said quietly. “That was awesome.”
“Are you as horny as I am?” Mya asked.

“If they went another five minutes I would have cum right here by myself. How about you Nana?” Amerley asked, looking over at the couch.

“I was close,” she admitted.

“I’ll get a towel,” Mya said, jumping up and heading for the bathroom.

When Afia was clean and sitting up on the floor with her two lovers, she looked over at her friend.
“He’s amazing,” she said looking at Kofi.
“I know,” Nana said. “I’m glad we could share.”
“Whose fantasy is next?”



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  1. Wow…this is really niiice. You just took me back to 2004 when I used to guzzle erotica like eees noffin! Haven’t read something this good in a looong while. Can’t wait for more.
    P.s I’m going to comment using my old pseudonym, haven’t used it in years but it’s only right I bring it out of retirement

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