A Tale of Two Supis

Abena is back!
My flatmate had been away with her boyfriend for the weekend; I was invited to the beach house but I declined because I can’t stand the fellow. I plaster a smile on my face to welcome her, steeling myself for the play-by-play gist of her weekend with Kwesi but seeing tears wiped that right off.
“Hey hey…  What happened? Are you okay babe?”

Kwesi had broken up with her, again. I really wanted to tell her to move on, to forget him, but these things are tricky. So I tell her that she deserves to be treated so much better than this, she deserves to be worshiped. I hate to see her look so sad, and wished I could somehow bring a smile back to her face. While Abena relayed her story, we share a bottle of wine. By the time we polish the bottle, she is cussing and incoherent which amuses me to no end, she never uses cuss words. That is all me. I take her and her things into her room and tuck her in. I get into a t-shirt and PJ bottoms, settling into bed with a joint, a book and more wine. I’d just finished and am about to sleep when Abena comes into my room; she doesn’t want to sleep alone so she gets into bed with me. She curls up, her back to me, and I lie behind her, holding her close to me with one arm, and stroke her hair gently with the other. We have slept together this way many times before, relaxed and comfortable with each other.

She turns round, so her face is inches from mine, our noses touching. I can smell her shampoo as I keep stroking her scalp. Her arm is round my waist now, and she starts to gently scratch my back. I try to keep my breathing steady, but the feel of her fingernails is turning me on, especially when she slips her hand under my t-shirt and is scratching my bare skin. I want her, I want to kiss her and I am fucking buzzed. She is so close, but I am not sure if she is attracted to me as well or if it is absent minded. As I am silently debating what to do, I realize her hand is wandering further down my back, sending a delicious shiver up the length of my spine. Slowly but surely she is getting closer to my neck. Which is NOT good.  I tilt my head and kiss her, tentatively. She stares back, eyes wide, surprise on her face.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Please don’t be mad.”
“It’s okay. I’m not. I promise.”
“You should sleep, I’m gonna go to the terrace for some air.”

Leaning against the railing, taking in the view of Dzorwulu, I wonder why tonight is the night I decide to kiss Abena. I have always been attracted to her but I have never let it show.


Thirty minutes later, I go in, hoping Abena is asleep so I can grab my phone and sleep on the couch. But she is awake and waiting for me.
“Babe… are you okay?”
“Why did you stop?”
“I did not ask or know if it’s what you wanted.”

She walks up to me and stops right in front of me, pressing her lips to mine.
“I want you, please.”
I pull her closer and kiss her, hard like I want to, sucking her bottom lip into my mouth. I tug her tee over her head and press her body between mine and the wall, hitting the light switch.
“Abena… Just feel…”

In complete darkness, every touch is magnified a thousand times, every scent more concentrated, every sound echoes. When my hands and nails graze her skin, she giggles, my fingers skating over her delicate skin, exploring. She shivers, and it is my turn to laugh, inching up the bed so I could explore her properly.
I smooth my palms up the outside of her hips, marveling at how soft her skin is, how good it feels under my hands. Little things that I’d never notice with my eyes, my fingers found- beauty spots and bumps from scars. I touch my lips to the throbbing pulse under her skin, feel it quicken and jump when I blow softly up the long satin length. I bypass her pussy with the lightest brush of nails and my own hair against her flesh. She whimpers and arches upwards and I just smile, letting my mouth linger on her belly, my tongue delving and lapping at her navel, mimicking the wicked things I plan to do to her.
Her skin tastes clean, and faintly of salt. I breathe in the soft, warm scent that is all her and the sweet, feminine musk. Her skin is so soft, I rub my face against her breasts like a kitten until she squirms, her hands coming up to cup her own flesh, lift breasts as ripe and firm as peaches to my lips. I flick my tongue across her nipples and she gasps, and then moans when I take them into my mouth and suck, slow and hard, rolling my tongue over the hard tip that swelled so invitingly between my lips.

“Please,” she begged.

 The breathless pleading in her voice sends a thrill of pleasure down my spine. I switch to her other breast, flicking her nipple with my tongue, filling my hand and mouth with her breasts. I lick a path to her belly, nipping her sides and leaving damp kisses on her body until my lips graze the smooth skin of her mound, my tongue snaking out to drag slowly up the silken labia and circle lightly over her clit.
Her fingers catch in my hair, tugging lightly as I stroke her clit again with my tongue, lapping the sweet slick juices up and over her clit. I press my tongue against it and feel it throb, ripening against my mouth as blood rushes to fill it. I nibble at it, my nostrils filling with the warm, humid fragrance of her pussy, my mouth drowning in her salt-sweet taste.
I can’t help a satisfied hum of pleasure as her breathing grows more ragged, each little gasp ending with a sobbing moan as my fingers slide past the slick lips and into the heat of her. My fingertips find the sweet spot that I know will turn those moans into screams and rub teasingly over it, back and forth. Her hips arch with the first light pressure and she writhes against me, trembling when my tongue finds her again, coupling that tormenting finger play with slow, firm circles across her clit.

Abena grabs at my hand, from the intensity of the first little convulsion that turns her into a boneless puddle of pleasure in moments. I suck on her clit, nudging her thighs wider, and flick my fingertips fast and firm against her spot. The first ripple of orgasm runs through her in waves, dragging a wordless wail from her throat. She rocks against my hand, my lips and tongue sucking and stroking more of those beautiful sounds from her as her pussy spasms around my fingers, soaking my hand and the covers. Only when her cries become whimpers and her body could do no more than tremble do I slide up her body to reach for her, our mouths fusing in a long, sated kiss.

“Ready to go again?” I ask
“There’s more?” She replies
“There’s so much more, so much I can show you and do to you.”

I reach for her again, kissing her and running my hands over her body, tugging her hips close to mine with her waist beads. I bite her lobe softly and kiss her neck, drawing a soft moan from her. I take a nipple in my mouth as I shove two fingers in her still damp pussy, fucking her roughly with my hands while gently kissing her breasts.

“Abena, I want to bind your hands.”

She looks at me through hooded eyes and puts her hands together. Fuck! I grab the tassels from my curtains and bind her hands and look at her; eyes twinkling with mischief, bosom heaving, inner thighs glistening. I finally have the object of my fantasy and I just want to eat and eat this bald, big booty goddess.

“What are you going to do to me?”

I reach into my middle drawer and withdraw a large vibrator, a long strap on vibrator, and a high powered massager. I place them all on the side table beside Abena. I lean over, cup under her chin and lift her face so I am looking into her eyes,

“Don’t worry, I am just going to pleasure you to the brink of insanity. And I am going to enjoy it so much.”

I kiss her again; nipping her bottom lips and tie her bound hands to my bed frame. I kiss and nibble on her neck, caressing her beautiful breasts before greedily suckling the nipple into my mouth and stroking her pussy lips with my fingers. Her panting increases both in frequency and volume as she desperately pulls against her restraint, trying to get my hand into her wetness. There is no gentleness as I shove two fingers deep into her, finger fucking her while I thumb her clit.


I select a harness and strap-on-dildo from the bench and fasten them to my trim body and also pick a massager and nipple clamps. I attach the clamps to Abena’s nipples, tightening them till she gives a small cry of pain,
“Don’t worry, once you get used to them, you’ll like it.”

I smack Abena’s nipples making her groan from the combination of pain and pleasure. I get her on her hands and knees and move behind her, rubbing the strap on dildo along her slit slowly at first before increasing in pace and intensity until she is thrashing, hips bucking as her pussy becomes wet with juices, orgasm looming. I thrust into her, hard and begin fucking her to into another orgasm, not allowing her to recover from the previous. While still pounding her pussy, I smack Abena’s ass, gently at first but as her orgasm builds in intensity so does the intensity of my smacks. Abena’s body shattered in ecstasy; she is moaning and telling me she has never been made to orgasm one after another without a break before.

I allow her catch her breath and begin pistoning the strap on into her cunt again; another orgasm looming, skin tingling. Abena mumbled something about fireworks exploding around her as the orgasm she was just recovering from built into another.

“That’s it baby, cum hard for me.”

I take the massager and turn it on, placing it against Abena’s clit, pounding the strap on deeper and harder into her pussy than before. I flick a switch on the massager turning it to high as I pound into Abena; she begins to shake as cum floods out of her. I pull out of her and kneel between her legs, licking and sucking and drinking from her until she is spent completely and limp. We are both breathing hard as I undo her restraints and the strap on harness.

“You did good baby.”
“But you didn’t cum at all.”
“I did. When I wear the harness, there’s a bit that goes into my …  you know what? There’s so much to teach and show you.”



3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Supis

  1. So, uhm…… What’s up with the switch from 1st to third person narrative? It completely messed up the story flow for me. Other than that, I’m definitely gonna keep reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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