Game Night (II)

Everyone refilled their drinks and gave Nana a hard time for being the only one dressed; Nii suggested Nana use this time to fulfil her fantasy of bondage with Amerley while Kofi watches. Both women were horny enough to do anything and Kofi, while having just cum, was more than willing to watch that fantasy.
“What can I use?” Nana asked, looking around the room.
“I have some scarves I think would be good,” Afia offered.

“Wow. Do you know this from experience?” Nana asked her friend.

Afia only smiled. “Maybe.”
She got up. “Come on, you guys. Into the bedroom.” Continue reading

Game Night (I)

“We never know what to get you guys for Christmas. Ever! We exchange gifts in two days!!!!”

They were all by the poolside at Fiesta Royale, the girls in the pool, the guys in the lounge chairs.

Nii and Afia had this same problem. They had met in University and were now boyfriend and girlfriend living together in sin. Lots of constant sin. Neither of them was into shopping and didn’t want to be predictable and ask what the other wanted. Nii reckoned Afia was tired of getting dresses and Afia figured Nii was swimming in console games. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Supis

Abena is back!
My flatmate had been away with her boyfriend for the weekend; I was invited to the beach house but I declined because I can’t stand the fellow. I plaster a smile on my face to welcome her, steeling myself for the play-by-play gist of her weekend with Kwesi but seeing tears wiped that right off.
“Hey hey…  What happened? Are you okay babe?”

Kwesi had broken up with her, again. I really wanted to tell her to move on, to forget him, but these things are tricky. So I tell her that she deserves to be treated so much better than this, she deserves to be worshiped. I hate to see her look so sad, and wished I could somehow bring a smile back to her face. While Abena relayed her story, we share a bottle of wine. By the time we polish the bottle, she is cussing and incoherent which amuses me to no end, she never uses cuss words. That is all me. I take her and her things into her room and tuck her in. I get into a t-shirt and PJ bottoms, settling into bed with a joint, a book and more wine. I’d just finished and am about to sleep when Abena comes into my room; she doesn’t want to sleep alone so she gets into bed with me. She curls up, her back to me, and I lie behind her, holding her close to me with one arm, and stroke her hair gently with the other. We have slept together this way many times before, relaxed and comfortable with each other. Continue reading