Anticipation… (PT 2)

There was someone at my door.

It was Annie looking as hot as I remembered. I let her in, feeling a range of emotions from surprised to shy and feeling as though there was not enough space in the apartment.

“How are you?” I asked nervously, blushing. She laughed, as she looked me over and kissed me. Hard.

“That’s how I am.”

I was already dazed by her presence in my apartment but the kiss left me speechless. Blinking foolishly, I opened and closed my mouth some more as I couldn’t form a thought.

“Did you think of me?
“That’s all I’ve been able to do, Annie.”
“Good. Did you touch yourself? Make yourself cum?”
“No, I didn’t. I promised.”
“Good girl. I haven’t stopped thinking about you; you and your pussy and your ass. I made that call to get you hot and bothered, played myself, didn’t I?”

I walked to her and kissed her and soon we were a tangle of bodies, taking clothes off as we stumbled towards my bedroom and fell into my bed. While we kissed and grabbed at each other, she rolled me over till I was on top. She kissed my neck, kneading my breasts and running a trail with her nail from my thigh to my butt, ending with a sharp smack on my ass. Annie made me look at her and she had a serious expression on her face,

“I want to fuck you. Hard. Make you cum but I need your permission because I want to play with your ass. Still trust me?”
I nodded, looking into her eyes. “Yes, I trust you. Yes, I want this.”

Annie rolled me over again, kissing me; my eyes, my neck, my ears. Her mouth, her tongue, her lips, her hands were everywhere. She drew my nipple in her mouth, one finger slipping into my pussy. Her tongue on my nipple mirrored her finger inside me; she sucked on my nipples causing a jolt deep inside me and at the same time, sank knuckle deep into my pussy, fucking me with her hand. She added another finger, then another, the entire time kissing and licking my breasts. My skin was hot!

I felt like I was going to explode until I felt her kiss her way down to my belly button. She nipped my inner thighs and spread them, taking in a deep breath as though inhaling my smell. She took one big lick of my wet pussy and I almost passed out from the feel of her tongue pressing against my clit and my lips. All the sensations of the night and day before came alive and I almost shot out of skin when Annie bit gently on my clit.
“Where are your presents?” she asked. I blinked, pointing in the general direction of my dresser. She grabbed what she needed from the box she had sent me and dropped them on the bed next to her. She went back to eating my pussy and fucking me with her tongue, replacing her tongue with her fingers and sucking on my clit at the same time. I was thrashing about, moaning and begging for release at this point. I could feel my heartbeat deep inside my pussy.

She went back to licking my pussy and went lower, using her fingers to spread my juices to my lower rosebud. I was so wet and hot and bothered, I did not feel much of a discomfort when she fingered my butt. She licked and rimmed my ass, alternating between her fingers and her tongue, till she could penetrate freely.

I felt her squirt lube on my puckered rosebud, spreading it with her fingers and I was excited to see what she had planned for me. She grabbed a plug, lubed it up and slowly used it to penetrate me, pushing and easing gently till it slipped in.

“Oh God.”

“That’s not all, baby”

I opened my eyes and watched as she opened up my nether lips with a vibrator; turned it on and with it vibrating, began rubbing it against my pussy and my clit, pushing the head in gently. My hips were thrashing, bucking trying to get more of the vibrator in. Every time I moved, the plug sent jolts through my body, totally different from the sensations of the vibrator. I knew I would scream soon and grabbed on to the sheets. In one swift thrust, the vibrator was buried to the handle deeply inside me.

“Oh God, fuck. This is too much…”

My phone began to ring. We both ignored it as she leaned over to kiss me and I lay there, dying from pleasure; bosom heaving, pussy full and vibrating, walls sending jolts to my ass. Annie smirked at me, enjoying what she was doing to me but took out the vibrator. My phone and doorbell rang this time.

“Who the hell is that?” I yelled frustration in my voice.

I got out of bed and almost passed out from bending over to grab my robe and trying to walk. My knees were weak and I was covered in a film of sweat. I staggered to the door and it was my friends trying to get me to come to have drinks with them. I didn’t even let them in; I mumbled something about being sick and wanting to sleep and slammed the door. Annie gestured to me to return to the bed, “face down, ass up babe”

She spread my cheeks and parting my wet pussy, slid her fingers and tongue back in,  giving me gentle licks and I felt myself shudder again. She leaned back and inserted mid-sized Ben Wa Balls into my pussy and continued to suck on my clit. I felt so full and could feel an orgasm threatening to burst from me. She leaned back again and began to slowly pull out the plug from my arse and slowly reinsert it. With every tug and push, I could feel the balls tickling my Gspot and my walls clamped down on them, holding them in. My legs started to shake, my body spasmed as I orgasmed, wetness trickling down my thighs. She kissed me, holding me and supporting my body with hers.
She tapped a remote with her right hand and my body with its post orgasmic spasms jolted like I had been hit with a taser. My mouth left hers, and a sound erupted from me, something between a long squeak, and a groan. My eyes nearly rolled back in their sockets, and I know had she not been holding me, I would have fallen over.

She gave me about ten seconds before tapping the remote again, stopping the vibrations emanating from the toys embedded in my ass and pussy.

“Oh my god, what the fuck was…”

This time more like twenty seconds, my body again stiffening from my head to toes until she turned it off.

“Oh, fuck, Annie, please do not do that again!”
With a smirk, she tapped full intensity on the remote in her hand. I held on to the edge of the bed with one hand, the other hand clutching Annie as I screamed, the sensations hitting me. The vibrating plug in my ass pushed harder and the balls, vibrating and clanking each other as well, against the plug on the other side of the membranes separating the toys. Another orgasm hit, deep within me, my core rippled, wave after wave.
She had one setting saved for last and used it at this moment. A series of coordinated waves pulsed through me and I screamed again. Growing in both intensity and speed another orgasm hit me hard.

I clutched the bedcovers and let out a deep guttural moan as my pussy and ass spasmed around the toys. Before my first orgasm had fully ended the toys revved up to the next level, extracting a loud squeak, and a deep intake of air into my lungs. Unable to move, eyes glazed over; another orgasm hit. Harder, stronger and deeper, I toppled over.
“Oh my god, I can’t stop cumming!” I panted as I lay on the floor,spasming, unable to move.

“Done?” she asked.

“NO MORE! Please!”





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