He pushed me up against the wall. I didn’t have time to worry about anyone watching us, the heat from being pressed against him and my arousal was too much of a distraction.
“Oh God, I’ve been wanting to do this the minute I saw you walk through the doors,” he panted, as his hand slid past my slit and under my garter, moved my thong and palmed my pussy. I hissed in contentment. Wes angled his fingers, pressing them inside me as much as he could, sliding in and out. I shoved my hips against his hand and wrapped a leg around his waist, trying to get him in deeper. He ran his hand on my nylon covered thigh, causing a run in my thigh highs. “Oh shit babe!”

“Never mind that now” I said, pulling his body flush against mine, my hands and my hips combining efforts to get me filled with his fingers. I’d missed him all day, and I was nowhere near fulfilled. I reached between us to stroke his dick through his pants – hard and hot, making me smile and bite my lip. I undid his zipper, aching to feel him against my hand; I grabbed and held it while he kept making my pussy wetter and wetter, juices seeping out onto his fingers and my knickers. I started to rub, my fingers tightening along the edges of his shaft, pressing in, as I moved slowly up and down along its length, revelling in the perfect fit of my hand around it. He moaned and pushed against me even harder, pressing me flat against the wall. I kept rubbing, picking up speed and pressure, while his fingers gradually slowed their pace inside me, until they were just pressed inside, the only movement from shoving my hips against them.

Laughter and conversation floating around reminded us both where we were and Wes withdrew his fingers and pressed them against my bottom lip. I suck his fingers into my mouth, licking them clean of juices with my tongue. “The exhibition ends in an hour and then we can get out of here babe.” he said as he helped smooth my dress and gave my breasts a kiss through the fabric. He took my hands and led me back into the gallery and was promptly stolen by some chic in a slinky dress and heels.

I looked around at the photos and paintings, trying to immerse myself in the art but I found myself drawn to him. I watched him, biting my lip, hunger etched on my face; my eyes were drawn to his hands and his lips. I looked at the time and silently began counting down to the end of the exhibition.
I pushed her up against the wall, my hand reaching past the slit of her dress and her garter, pressing against her lacy thong. I had been staring at her ass in that dress the moment she came into the gallery and walked through the rows of exhibits. Every time she moved, I got a flash of lace and thighs and all I wanted to do was tease her with my fingers and flood my mouth with her juices, priming her for my dick.

“Oh God, I’ve been wanting to do this the minute I saw you walk through the doors,” I panted, as I slid my hand past the slit of her dress and under her garter, moving her thong and stroking her pussy. I angled my fingers, pressing them inside her as much as I could, sliding in and out. She shoved her hips against my hand and wrapped a leg around my waist, trying to get me in deeper. I ran my hand on her nylon covered thigh, causing a run in her thigh highs.

“Oh shit babe!”

“Never mind that now” she said, pulling my body flush against hers, urgency as her hands and her hips combined efforts to get filled with my fingers. She reached between us to stroke my dick through my pants, making me groan. She undid my zipper while I fucked her with my fingers, enjoying the feel of her velveteen warmth. I pressed her closer against the wall, ready to take her right there.

Laughter and conversation floating around reminded us both where we were and I withdrew my fingers and pressed them against her bottom lip. She sucked them into her mouth and licked them clean. “The exhibition ends in an hour and then we can get out of here babe.” I said as I helped her smooth her dress and kissed her breast. I led her back into the gallery ready to give her a tour but my attention was needed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her walk around, that sexy butt taunting me and I silently willed the minutes to go by faster.

I watched her get out of the car, gazing at the line of her thigh highs as she swung her legs and got out of the seat. I wanted her clothes off. I followed her as we walked into the house and let her walk ahead of me; butt jiggling, hips swinging. I could even see the faint outline of her body jewellery and I was ready to lift her and get her inside. I reached out and held her waist pulling her to me, cheeks right where I wanted them.
“What are you doing?” She asked, giggling, trying to unlock the door. “We are almost in, babe” I ran my hand from the back of her head to the small of her back and bent her over, grinding against her. She looked at me and smiled but I could tell she wanted me just as much. I pressed her against the door and kissed her, leading her inside. My right hand reached around her neck and pulled her closer. I kissed her until her hips were arching against mine, knowing that her underwear was getting soaked through, and I pushed her down on the bed. She was starting to pant and didn’t utter a word as I pulled her knickers off, throwing them on the floor. I started to kiss her all over, my tongue and lips and teeth wet and rough, while she moaned quietly, her body stretching itself out underneath me. I slipped my hand behind her waist, down over her cheeks and between her crack. She tensed up ever so slightly as my finger firmly pressed against her asshole, lingering there before pushing inward until the tip was slightly inside of her. I let her recognize her discomfort but slid down to her pussy before she could say anything about it. She was completely soaked, the tip of my finger covered in her juices.

His hand trailed from my waist, down to my arse and slipped between my cheeks, finger pressed against my arsehole. I closed my eyes, trying to relax and felt his finger enter my pussy gently.
“I’d like you naked and on all fours, babe” he said. I hurried to the bed, shedding my rumpled dress. I left my garter, stockings and shoes on, knowing Wes got a kick out of the feel of them. I got on my knees, arching my back and pressing my chest and face into the bed. “Damn!”
Wes swirled his tongue around her clit, trying to be patient and not plunge first his tongue, then his cock into her warm, wet pussy. As if reading his mind, she spread her lips wide to expose the bright pink inner flesh of her pussy. Placing his hands on her firm thighs, Wes leaned forward and shoved his tongue deep inside her. Her thighs tensed, but she didn’t make a sound as he swirled his tongue inside her collecting a mouth full of her juices. Wes sighed into her pussy, allowing himself to enjoy her sweet taste while she was breathing hard. He removed his tongue and flicked it up and down the length of her wet lips. She released a soft moan. He swirled his tongue around her clit before sucking it hard into his mouth.
He drew back and roughly shoved two fingers inside her and she moaned when he thrust them in and out, slamming them in fast and hard. He sucked her clit faster and when she began to moan softly, he slipped a third finger inside her. She lost control and whimpered as he spread her pussy open with his large fingers and sucked hard. Her hips were rocking and her breaths were ending in a high pitched moans. She cried as her body exploded into orgasm, her pussy contracted around his fingers. He continued to plunge his fingers into her convulsing pussy and suck her clit. She grabbed the sheets, moans muffled while he pressed his mouth to her quivering flesh as her hips bucked wildly.

He pulled his head back and thrust his fingers inside her hard; turning his hand over, he curled his fingers and with a muffled scream that echoed throughout the room, her hips thrust into him and a stream of cum dripped around his fingers.

He lifted her still quivering ass and getting behind her; Wes spread her cheeks, entering her in one long thrust. She was so wet he could feel her dripping down his thighs and his dick was making a moist sucking sound each time he withdrew it and drove it back in balls deep. He was so close and she squealed as he relentlessly pounded her pussy. Using all the power in his hips, he fucked her savagely causing her to scream. Unable to hold back anymore, Wes whipped his dick out. As soon as he did, she sat back on the bed, spread her legs open and opening her pussy said, “Right here, daddy, adorn my pussy!”
Wes released his dick and watched as a long stream of cum splattered against the top of her pussy and oozed down through her lips. He pumped his dick furiously sending spurt after spurt of cum onto her dark flesh, painting her already seeping pussy.

He sank to the bed and took in the picture of the sexy woman next to him.



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