Duds & vibs…

I was home alone and bored senseless. I mean, I was more than thankful for the bank holiday but I had no idea what to do with myself. I had no IMs, no messages, Twitter was just there: not even an email! Nobody was picking up.I looked at the time; it was 1:25pm. Oh God! No power either so I was hot and bored out of my mind. I picked up my phone and sent Modupe an iMessage.

“What are you up to?”

“Just having lunch. You?”

“Well, I’m home alone and I don’t know what to do with myself.”


“I mean I know what I planned to do today.. wait, What?!

Is that what you do?”

“I always know what to do with myself.”

“So what, I just basically play with and stroke myself till I cum?

What’s the fun in that?”

“Lol. Try it. Try masturbating.”

“Teach me, I need a step by step tutorial.”

At this point, if he’s in, then I’m willing to touch myself. I would FaceTime him and we would do this!! I was buzzing. My phone beeped again and it was an iMessage from him.

“Well I got you something last week and I’ve been carrying it around, hoping to drop it off. Someone will bring it by in 5.”

I got out of bed and did a happy dance. I love presents and I especially love Mo’s presents. My phone chimed again. It was a link to an article, ‘Female Masturbation: 10 steps to have an orgasm’. I opened the link and closed it, this was NOT what I had in mind.

“I said teach me. Not send me a link. You are no fun.”

My phone chimed again, it was yet another link, ‘How to masturbate(for women): 7 step orgasmic guide’

“Are you going to do everything I tell you to? I don’t know how women do it so I googled. Do it and let me know how it feels.”

“Lol nah. I think not, its rather clinical. ‘Step one, step two’ bleh!”

“How so? Okay, what are you looking for?”

My phone began to ring, some number not saved on my phone. I ignored the call but the same number rang again.

“Hello. Please I am in front of your gate; I have a delivery for you.” I jumped out of bed, squealing and ran to the gate, collected my delivery and ran back in. I was so excited to see what was in the bag. I ripped the plastic bag and found a black unmarked box with a single satin ribbon tied around it. I sent Mo an iMessage;

“What’s in the box?”

“Something you will like. Remember, learning what pleases you is always important. Self love!

Send me a video.”

“What’s in the box, babe?”

“lol or call me when you’re about to cum.”

I pulled the box closer to me, tugged on the satin and raised the lid. Nestled in the bigger black box were two other black boxes; a slim, long one and another small rectangular box. I was dying to know what secrets the boxes held and could not hide the grin and longing on my face. I opened the long slim box to find the most beautiful vibrator I’d ever seen. It was black and looked like velvet with some buttons on it. My phone beeped, Mo was video calling me.

“Do you like your present?”

“It’s so beautiful! Can’t I just look at it and play with it? It’s so pretty!”

“Lol babe. It’s your toy so you can do what you want with it. So it’s made with silicon and there’s motors at the tip and the base so you can turn them on at the same time or separately and control the vibrations. Oh! It’s waterproof also.

How about you get acquainted with it and send me a video as proof? Or call me when you’re about to cum?”

He blew me a kiss and disconnected with a sly wink. I sat on the bed, eyes fixed on the vibrator, lips parted and all the wheels in my brain turning.

I got up and went into the bathroom, shedding my shorts and tee as I walked and filled my tub. I added some scented oils and gel and wrapped my hair in a scarf. Then I lit the candles I had dotted all around my bathroom and turned out the lights. My afternoon had definitely taken an unexpected turn. I poured myself a glass of Merlot and put that on the edge of the tub! Sexy time!!!! I went back into my bedroom, straightened my sheets, lit more candles and turned out the lights. I picked up my gift where I left it and went into the bathroom.

Glass of wine in hand, I lowered myself into the tub and moaned in contentment. Maybe it was the wine or the setting but my skin felt alive and I was buzzing; sensations were heightened and I was getting very turned on. I took more sips of wine and leaned into the tub, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensations washing over me. I began to run my fingers on my skin, filling my mind with thoughts of Mo’s hands wherever mine were; my neck, my breasts, my face. I filled my palms with my breasts and kneaded them, rubbing them in a circular motion in the warm water. My nipples were pebbled, begging to be touched, kissed. I ran my fingers along my abdomen, my thighs and my inner thighs. My breath hitched, it almost felt like he was here, in this tub with me. I let my hand trail lower to my pussy, my outer lips and it felt so good. I touched myself again, enjoying the velveteen feel against my fingers. I slid one finger in and my eyes shot open. I got out of the tub; I needed more courage to do this. Every step I took sent jolts of sensations straight to my pussy and moisture pooled. I grabbed the half joint by my bedside, lit it from one of the candles and took a long drag. I settled on the bed, one hand idly stroking my skin and holding the joint with the other while I smoked. Some minutes later, I put out the joint and lay on the bed, damp and naked, vibrator next to me. I reached for a bottle of oil on my bedside and rubbed a good portion into my hands till they were slick. Legs spread, knees bent, I allowed my hands explore my pussy. I stroked my clit and outer lips, spreading the oils from my fingers till I was slick with my own juices and oil. I spread my legs further apart and put one finger in my pussy, stroking gently. I could feel the high from the joint washing over me, further heightening the sensations; my entire body felt like one big pulsing entity. I added another finger, lengthening my strokes and increasing the tempo. My breath became faster and laboured and I felt warm all over. I began stroking my clit in a circular motion, gently while I kneaded my breasts and tweaked my nipples with on hand.

Where the fuck was Mo?

I picked up the toy and rubbed in circular motions around my pussy lips, wetting it with my own moisture and rubbed it gently against my clit. Up and down, up and down till I started to feel trickles of juices sliding between my cheeks. I began to penetrate myself gently, in and out with the toy and I could feel it go in inch by inch further every time I pulled it out. I began to fuck myself gently with the toy till I was full and the feel of it going in and out of me was so exquisite. I held on to it tight, focused on fucking myself and pushed a button on the handle. I nearly shot out of my skin from the vibration of the motor. I had totally forgotten about those! I let myself get used to the vibration at the tip and continued to fuck myself with it, gently while the motor vibrated deep inside me. I pushed another button and the second motor at the base began vibrating! It felt like there was a tongue on every inch of my body and I could not help the loud moans coming out of me. I had goose pimples all over and I could not stop thrusting into myself. I hit redial on my phone and soon Mo’s face was on my screen.


“Where the fuck are you?” The words rushed out as the intensity of the vibrations hit. “I need..need to cum..I..I..Mo….oh fuck!”

I heard the front door open and click shut. Something was tossed unceremoniously and then he was there. Kissing me hungrily, guiding my hand back to the vibrator humming away inside me, our combined hands fucking me slowly but firmly while his mouth latched on to my nipple. I held on tight till it was just him, his hands fucking me with the toy, his mouth on my neck, my breasts, my skin, his smell, his feel, his touch. He gently took the toy out of my pussy and tossed it on the bed, knelt between my legs and kissed my pussy deeply; slurping on my juices, his tongue delving deep inside and fucking me. Soon his hands joined and he was sucking on my clit and fingering me. My body was humming, my hips bucking and jerking, breathing, laboured. He took me to the edge till I felt an amazing sensation wash over me. I struggled to take deep breaths, feeling my orgasm coming but he would stop, kiss my thighs, and nip my skin till I began to squirm.

I reach for him, stroking his dick, wrapping my hand around his familiar hard length. I would never stop wanting this man.



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