Hey guys,

I’ve been quiet, I’ve been under the weather BUT I am back now.

Here’s a little something to make up for my absence…. Enjoy..xx


Lust………All she said


“I’ve never felt this type of lust like what I feel for you right now”, as I started straddling her hips.
I bite down on the slope of her neck as she moans my name.
‘The heat coming off you is sending goose bumps all over my body.” she muttered.
“Please my darling, make me arch for you. I need to feel you deep inside me.” she begged.


Let me sit in your lap, arms wrapped around your neck and kiss you deeply.
My lips taste like your essence; I’m pressed tightly against you.
Let me hold you tighter as I grind down on your hard length.


Take me in your bed, in a public place or even in your car.
Pin me to the bed, hands around my neck and squeeze the orgasm out of my trembling body.
Pull my hair, let me dig my nails in your back and scratch your arms as you make me cum all over your hard dick.
It’s 3 am but I want the windows and doors open, me screaming your name in sheer bliss and abandon.


My retreat is between these sheets.

I want to fuck all of you.

I want to lust all over you.

I want all of you.


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