L’amour dans le noir

“Kiss me!”

I lean forward, feel your hand in my hair, guiding me to you. I feel your lips on mine; your tongue slips in, probing the dark recesses of my mouth. I moan and open up, allowing you to deepen the kiss. I lean into you, pressing my soft breasts into your body, my derriere snug against your waist. I close my eyes as I bask in the intimacy we share.

You kiss my forehead, my eyelids. You find the spot behind my ear that turns me to mush and you kiss me there; you kiss my neck, I become a quivering mess. I shriek and try to climb off you but you hold me and tickle me.

“I love you.”

I never tire of hearing you say those words. I look into your eyes; see your love for me reflected there. I kiss you, hard, pouring all my unspoken words into the kiss. I straddle you and soon we are caught in each other, moaning and heavy breathing; you flip me on my back and reach over to turn out the lights.


I can’t see you but I can feel, you taught me to see with my skin. I can smell you, my senses are heightened. I hold my breath, waiting. Your lips skim my hip bone and I moan.

My body, my skin is on fire. A nip on my belly, my thigh, my inner thighs and I am quivering. I strain my ears to hear you, to predict your next move.


I feel something cold on my breasts, unexpected in this heat that is coming off us both. I feel at the same time your tongue, icy cold now, on my inner thigh

Oh! You kiss my nether lips so deeply and I want to scream, you draw intricate lines all over my body with your mouth, your hands; my whole body becomes one big throbbing entity

I reach my hands out, I want to feel you.

My hands collide with your chest, I reach up for your face and I softly trail it with my hands, stroking your features, I fuse my lips with yours. The kiss deepens and I straddle you, I can’t get enough. I grab the hem of your shirt and try to yank it off, I sense your smile. You know how much I love the feel of your skin against mine

I bite your lips and suck on them, your earlobes, the pulsing at your neck. I lick your chest, my tongue darting at your nipples. I follow the trail to your belly button, I encounter denim.

“Take them off baby.”

I feel skin again and I moan in contentment. I reach for you; I know your smell like I know myself. I run my tongue along the length of you, all the way down and back up, slip the tip in and suck softly. I lick again and suck harder, pulling more of your length in my mouth. I love how you feel, like a bar of chocolate, hard and soft. I pull you further in till I feel myself gagging. In and out; till I’m slobbering all over your hard length, your moans of pleasure making me even wetter.

You pull out of my mouth and lay on your back, guiding me on just how you want me. I grasp your length and lower myself slowly onto you. I hear your hiss of pleasure and bite my lip. Inch by tantalising inch, you fill me up. I remain that way listening to you breathing, my hands splayed on your chest feeling your heartbeat. Then I raise and lower myself slowly at the same pace, working up a rhythm, just how I know we both like it.

You hold on, cupping my waist and my butt cheek, guiding me. My fingers dig into your back, my hips bucking hard into you as you thrust into me, deep. Over and over until I’m twisting, my body convulsing while I feel your dick throbbing deep inside me.

I’m plastered against you, fingers slipping, face buried in your neck. I didn’t want to let go. I never want to let go.

“I love you babe.”



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