Sticky Binds..

I walk to the window yet again, part the blinds with a finger, look out into the parking lot. I can’t keep doing this. Wait for her like this.

Today is the day I end this; this situationship.

I look at my watch; I’ve been waiting for an hour. I hate that she has this hold on me.

This ends today!

“Hi babe. I’m sorry I’m late.”

She rushes over to me and wraps her arms around my waist, face pressed into my back.

I don’t move, I don’t want to look at her and have my resolve waver.


“Don’t be mad. He decided to stay home today but he got called away, thank goodness.”

She walks around me to look at my face, plants herself between me and the window, forcing my eyes to look into hers.

She’s so beautiful, so delicate. Her face, her eyes, her lips; even the curve of her neck is graceful. Maybe it’s all in my head but she is perfection.

Suddenly I’m filled with rage.

Why do I have to share her? She has to make a choice; me or him?

She’s saying something but I can’t hear her.

“……..anyway, I brought lunch.”

I back her against the wall and kiss her, roughly.

Nip her neck.

Nip her breast through her blouse.

“This is gonna be hard. And fast. For my pleasure, not yours.”

She could only nod in response. She couldn’t string a coherent line of thought, let alone words together.

I cup her arse through her skirt and squeeze, spread her cheeks apart…

“I can smell your arousal”

I could tell she wanted me, wetness spreading and running down her thigh.

“Tell me what you want!”

She mumbled some sort of response. I know what she wants, how she likes it but i want to hear her anyway.

I likes her moans, her screams.

“I can’t hear you babe. Tell me what you want.”

She licks her lips, trying to grind her hips, rocking against him.

“I want you inside me.”

“I want your cock inside me.”

I lead her to the bed and hike up her dress; she has no knickers on.

I stared at her pussy, my dick throbbed and i feel my balls draw up.

I just want to fuck her so bad and claim her like a wild animal. She is wide open for me, glistening with the wetness that i caused.

I want to fill her up with so much of my cum that her pussy would be covered in it. It would be my mark on her body.

I nudge her thighs apart, enter her with a savage thrust, grip her hard. I want to leave marks, brand her as mine.

I let go, abandoning all holds of control as i drive into her, over and over, one hand around her neck, forcing her to look me in the eye.

“Whose pussy is this?”

I chant this over and over until I cum, all over her thighs.

“…yours…I’m yours”

I scoff.

We both know she’s going back home to him.


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