Can I taste you already?

I want, I need to taste you.
Take your dick in mouth while I stroke my lips.
Take it in my throat while I flick my clit.
I want to milk you with my fingers in my pussy, mirroring the actions of my warm, wet mouth..
I want you balls deep in my mouth..but I also can’t take you all the way in. I’d gag.
You’re a big man. I love the feel of your dick pushing past my throat.
So slippery.
I want to keep it there but I need to breathe.
“I need to feel you.”
Your voice stirs me, you’ve been watching me the whole time.
What you don’t know is I’m the one who feels you. The tip parting my pussy. Stretching me. Filling me up. Mmmm such delicious snugness. I want to keep you there.
You move and it’s the most exquisite feeling. I feel every vein, every ridge. I want to stay still but I need to ride the waves threatening to burst from somewhere inside me. It feels just right to move with you.
You thrust into me. I want to stay silent but I can’t help the moans that escape my lips.
You thrust all the way in and I’m so full of cock, your cock. I look down, to the point where we merge. You bite your lip and keep thrusting into me. It feels right to rub my clit.
Oh! The sensations. The delicious tingles.
“Don’t stop.”
You thrust even harder and faster.
I feel like I’m shattering into pieces but the pieces won’t come apart just yet.
I know what I want. I want to lick our juices off you. I want to taste and smell me off you. But most I want you to cum in my mouth.
I roll out from under you, I can see the surprise on your face.. Kneel between your legs.. Mmmm yes!
I inhale deeply, God I love your smell, and put your cock in my mouth as far as I can. I almost come right there from the juices I’m tasting off you. I lick and suck hard. I hear your breathing change, you must be close. I increase my tempo, milking you, moving my hands in a fast up and down rhythm while sucking hard and rubbing my clit and lips with my other hands.
I am close but I want your pleasure first. You look so beautiful and then your release comes, spurts of your delicious cum in my mouth while my fingers stroke as wetness gushes out of me.
I have a sly grin on my face…
I want more..

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